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All Star Glass  
"We're Continually Improving Our Service"

36 Company-Owned Auto Glass Repair Centers in California

We provide & install all makes & models of windshields, door glass, vents & back glass. #1 in customer satisfaction. Call for experienced glass service.

• About All Star Glass •

One of the ten largest auto glass companies in the U.S.
Thirty one years in business, and growing steadily
Thirty eight glass centers throughout California. See our store list.
Network of 1500+ affiliate service locations in all 50 states.
Headquarters: 1845 Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92110 - Phone (800) 225-4184

Our mission: to provide our customers with auto and truck glass repair and replacement service of the highest quality in materials, workmanship, and customer satisfaction.

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All Star Glass
Address: 990 E Willow St
Long Beach, CA 92618
Phone: 800-511-9007
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All Star Glass — Services, Autos — Long Beach

Services: Auto Glass. Mobile.
Specialties: Glass Service
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Additional Information: Important Facts: Certification: All Star Glass installers are certified by expert trainers from Eftec and Dinitrol, our urethane adhesive supplier, as well as by the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS™ ) Council Inc.. They also undergo our own internal training program, plus factory training from Ford and other manufacturers, which we think is second to none. Safety is in the details. Our installers use clean gloves when carrying glass, and apply proper primers before laying down the adhesive. It makes for a safer, stronger installation. All Star Glass follows manufacturers' service bulletins, and gets regular training updates from car manufacturers and makers of auto glass and adhesive sealants. Glass is a structural component in today's automobiles. Your car relies on its glass to resist crushing on impact, and to keep you inside the vehicle in an accident. Also, windshields must be installed properly and stay in place for passenger side airbags to function properly in a crash. Windshields are supposed to keep passengers inside the car during an accident. This is a federal safety standard. Nonetheless, it is vital that drivers and passengers use their seatbelts at all times to help keep themselves from being ejected from a car in a crash. Passenger-side airbags rely on windshields to function properly. These airbags use the windshield as a "backstop" in deployment. The windshield needs to stand up against the force of the airbag, and remain in place. Proper glass installation is imperative for this to happen. Auto glass must be installed properly to help the passenger compartment resist crushing in rollover accidents. Auto glass is supposed to meet federal safety standards. The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards describe the required performance of windshields in these kinds of accidents. Standard 212 is for occupant retention, 216 for rollover and 218 for passenger airbags. All Star Glass installation procedures are devised to allow the glass to perform these vital functions. • Auto glass has other roles to play in safety • Repair or replace glass that has cracks which interfere with your vision. Some windshield cracks can be fixed. Ask your All Star Glass store for details. Keep it clean. It's a simple fact that if you can't see well through your glass, you may be in for trouble. Maintain a good supply of washer fluid in your car's reservoir. Keep a scraper, squeegee and de-icer handy if your climate requires it. Replace your wiper blades at the first sign of wear for safe driving in the rain. Don't run wipers with damaged blades over your windshield or you may permanently scratch it. • Why is auto glass called safety glass? • Windshields are made of laminated glass. There are three layers--two outer glass sheets with a urethane plastic center bonded in-between. The plastic inner layer reduces the chance of occupant penetration in a crash, and keeps the glass from separating into flying shards. Some side and back glass is laminated as well. Side and back safety glass is usually tempered glass. This means that a solid sheet of glass is cooled quickly in the manufacturing process, which creates a different hardness in the outside and center of the window. As a result, the glass shatters into square pebbles rather than sharp shards in an accident. Risk of laceration and abrasion is reduced. AWARD WINNING SERVICE! details... #1 IN OVERALL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION © 2000-2010 All Star Glass Car Glass Service and Auto Windshield Repair
Number Of Locations: Mobile. We come to you.
Service Area: Greater Long Beach and surrounding areas.
Discounts: Internet specials
Business Tagline: "We're continually improving our service!"
Zip Codes: 90801 90802 90803 90804 90805 90806 90807 90808 90809 90810 90813 90814 90815 90822 90831 90832 90833 90834 90835 90840 90842 90844 90845 90846 90847 90848 90853 90888 90899
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